Why Your Brain Lets you Down

The human brain is the most creative problem solving and visualization tool that you have , yet it lets you down at its most basic level of functionality – thinking.  Your brain is designed to protect you and to keep you safe.  Human beings crave safety, warmth, comfort, and because of this we get rewarded for making bad choices.


You think too much


How you think determines how you feel.  Its the whole mind-body connection, and this connection has a big impact on you because how you feel ultimately determines how you act.  We really are simple beings you know. If something makes you feel good, you do it, but if something makes you feel bad, you will avoid it.


Take a simple example of being faced with making a choice of 2 drinks, placed on the table in front of you.  One is an amazing milkshake, the other a glass of mineral water.  Looking at the milkshake makes you feel good.  You get that warm, happy feeling because you just know its going to taste so good.  However when you look at the water, its a little boring, bland, dull.  It certainly doesn’t make you feel the same way as the milkshake.


Inevitably, most people would pick up the milkshake, and they are rewarded for making a bad choice.  Would you?  Your reward would be the warm fuzzy feeling.  Your choice would satisfy your need for short term gratification, over the more healthy, longer term benefit that the water would provide.


How does this hold you back in business?


In business its the same.  When you are faced with making a decision on how to best use your time, you will face the same challenges with your feelings.  A classic example is the choice between making prospecting or canvassing calls to generate leads for your business, or jumping onto your email to answer mails or send out a mailing shot.


When you give yourself time to think about the calls you need to make, what feeling does that invoke in you?  Probably not a warm, fuzzy, safe feeling at all, right?  If you’re like most people, you’re probably overcome with a few fears and dont look forward to making the calls at all.  The safe, warm choice would be to sit behind your desk and feel busy.


Making the calls is the healthy choice because its the choice that will lead to long-term success and consistency in your business.   You won’t choose it though, because it makes you feel bad.  You will always choose that which makes you feel good, and you will once again be rewarded with a warm, safe feeling, for making a bad choice.


Or will you?


So how do you cut this mind-body connection and re-wire your brain so that your thinking doesn’t get in the way of your success?


Don’t think so much


If you’re going to get out of your comfort zone, you need to stop over-thinking everything.  In fact, its better to not think at all.  Just take action.  Successful entrepreneurs and salespeople take action.  Its part of who they are – they jump first, and figure it out as they’re falling.  They don’t hold back.  The minute you give your brain time to think, it will analyse the risks, highlight your fears and come up with every possible reason why you shouldn’t act.  Short circuit your brain by cutting off its thinking process and get into the habit of taking action on everything.


  • When you come up with a new idea, act within 5 seconds.
  • When you’re faced with making your calls, don’t hesitate.
  • Count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Take action.
  • Swallow the frog.
  • Do it straight away.
  • Say yes more than you say no.
  • Do more.
  • Explore more.
  • Learn more.


Learn to trust your gut, and understand that while your brain is this amazingly powerful tool, it also has the power to hold you back, because it rewards you for making bad choices.  Don’t let that happen again.



Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, www.grantgavin.com and make contact.


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