Your Insecurities Hold You Back.

Yesterday I presented my ‘Lessons From A Traffic Light‘ presentation for this first time in its keynote form.

No, I lie, I’ve probably presented it about 150 times already.  This time though, I actually spoke out the words and allowed my mind a bit of an escape.

Not only was it a fantastic, completely satisfying talk, but the feedback I have received from delegates has literally blown me away.

I always knew that the experience of standing at a traffic light would make for a great presentation.  What I hadn’t counted on though, was that this experience would not only have such a deep personal impact on my life, but would really become an incredible discussion point on the topics of self worth, empathy, and attitudes towards giving.

I saw a phrase today on Facebook:

“When a leader grows, everybody benefits.”

It is so true.  You can’t lead a team effectively without having a certain degree of empathy for other people and their personal situations and backgrounds.  Taking yourself outside of your own comfort zone, and walking a few steps in the life path of another is a truly powerful learning experience.

The self worth discussion though intrigues me.  My own insecurities, and how they have probably held me back in my life are well documented in my keynote, but upon reading the feedback forms from my talk, the one thing that struck me was how so many people found this discussion on “Insecurities and Fear” as the most valuable part of the presentation.

Most training sessions will focus on taking action, but how many ask the question “Do you know why you don’t take Action?”  What fear or insecurity is preventing you from taking action?

Heres a few things to consider:

  1. Accept that you have an insecurity that is holding you back (Eg: the 1st step for curing any addiction is acceptance)
  2. Identify the fear or insecurity (e.g.: I am afraid of change / Opinion of others / Failure / Spending money)
  3. Quantify what this insecurity means to you in your business, or in your life, in terms of lost opportunities. (e.g.: What income are you leaving on the table by not adopting new lead generation techniques, or investing in your business?)
  4. Go to work on yourself by tackling the insecurity head on and by taking massive action.

The next time you feel that crippling fear that is associated with anything that takes you outside of your comfort zone, I want you to interpret the message in a different way.  Instead of obeying the message and quitting the task at hand, interpret the fear as a message from yourself, to yourself.   It’s telling you that this is the next big obstacle in your life that you have to overcome in order to grow to a new level in your life.

Imagine if you overcame your fear of public speaking?  Imagine if you could start picking up the phone again and calling prospects?  Imagine if you actually believed that you are truly worthy of success?  The results would be phenomenal.

The sad part is that we are all too aware of what actually holds us back.  But we accept these insecurities as being “just the way I am”?  Its crazy, really.

You were born to be successful.  Your purpose in life is not to merely exist and be average.

You won’t truly develop into the best possible version of yourself until you address what is holding you back.

I know that this makes sense to you.  It has to. Its real.



  1. Julie Scheepers on November 25, 2016 at 7:43 pm

    I follow you diligently o social media and just love you and what you share especially as myself as a sales person.
    Thanks you so much and grateful to have attended your Entrepreneur talks and breakfasts.

  2. Grant on November 26, 2016 at 6:46 am

    Hi Julie, thanks for the message – I really appreciate your kind comments.

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