Want More Headlines in Your Week?

There’s a cool US based website called www.theweek.com – its a snapshot of major news highlights of the week.  Seven days is a long time in a news cycle, especially here at home in South Africa.

What Was Your Headline Last Week?

Closer to home – your home – what were your highlights over your past week?

As you contemplate the 7 days ahead of you, how will you reflect on what you achieved last week?  What would be the headline article of your website, www.Yourweek.com ?

New Key Account?  Increases in Revenue?

Even a headline along the lines of “Was Consistent With All My Prospecting Activities” would constitute a good week, because it means that you spent your time during your week productively, and that ultimately brings you closer towards your goal.

If your last 7 days had no highlights to reflect on, maybe its time to bring some structure to your week?  There is no excuse for you to keep drifting aimlessly from week to week, while the market moves along without you.


Here’s a basic process to get you focused this week:


1. Set your goals for the week.  Make them activity based and focus on those income producing activities that will take you closer towards achieving your overall goals.


2. Time Block your week.  Block out the time to ensure that you attend to the most important activities in your day.  It’s important that you prioritize your time – this is an appointment with yourself so don’t get distracted.


3. Tell Somebody else about your goal for the week.  When you keep a goal in your mind, and nobody else knows about it, its easy to make up excuses for yourself if you don’t achieve it.  Get some accountability.


4. Take Action.  No amount of planning and goal setting will help you if you don’t take action.   Top producers are action takers.


5. Reward Yourself.  If you achieve your activity goals, and only if  you achieve them, treat yourself with a reward next weekend.  Its good to be motivated by reward.


If you follow this process and achieve your results, you’ll feel 10 times more confident and self-assured come next Sunday evening.  Not only will www.yourweek.com have some positive headlines, but you’ll be ready to take on the following week with renewed excitement.


Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, www.grantgavin.com and make contact.

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