The ‘Yes’ Challenge. Are You Up for it?

How many times have you done something reluctantly, only to realise afterwards, that by saying ‘Yes’ in that moment, you opened yourself up to a whole new sequence of events?  If only you had done something sooner, right?


Routine is a Killer


Very few people like change.  In fact, most of us, including you reading this, are far more comfortable with routine and comfort.  As a result, you settle for routine in your life and more dangerously, in your business.  The mistake you make by settling is that the world around you changes rapidly.  Trends in your industry change rapidly.  If you settle for the routine and the comfort, you simply get left behind.  Routine is a killer.


If you do one thing after reading this blog post,  just say ‘Yes’ to every opportunity, invitation, appointment or social engagement.  Try it for a week, and see what transpires.


If you’re feeling stuck, or the market is swallowing you up, just say ‘Yes’ to everything for the next 7 days.


Doing anything works, but doing nothing doesn’t.  You can easily fall into the trap of over-analyzing every opportunity that you’re presented with.  You can actually out-think your way to success.  It’s time to stop thinking and just do, and see what happens.


Real Life Experiences


I’ve had so many experiences of this in my own life in recent times.  I’ve also witnessed this happen in the lives of others who I coach.  You meet one person, you take one business meeting, or you accept one opportunity and unexpectedly, your life or your business suddenly takes on a new positive direction.


In 2013 I reluctantly said ‘Yes’ to a coaching program that changed the course of my life.  This program lead me to the point where I am today speaking on stages and inspiring others through the coaching I now offer.  Pre-2013 I ran a real estate business and constantly doubted whether I was capable of even that.


New Opportunities By Saying ‘Yes’


Last week I gave one of the most impactful talks of my life at an Entrepreneurs Conference.  I had reluctantly signed up to talk.  In fact, I was secretly hoping that I wouldn’t be selected.  I knew that the topic of the talk I had recommended would test me on a personal level as it involved a subject that I am most vulnerable talking about.


Saying ‘Yes’ to that opportunity, and delivering the talk on point has resulted in me being asked to visit Cairo for potential future talking opportunities.  I’m not sure Cairo is a place I would ever have imagined visiting had it not been for this.


Build Momentum by Saying ‘Yes’


In my own business I see how in-action, and a reluctance to say ‘Yes’ to anything that pushes people out of their own comfort zones holds them back so dearly.  They don’t see it.  I do.


I see it because I see how those who do say ‘Yes’ suddenly find that this one decision to take action starts a build up of momentum.


Recently, 2 of our newer sales agents agreed to do a Show House at a property that no other agent was prepared to sit.  The house is run down, and not the best place to spend a Sunday afternoon.  However, these 2 ladies said ‘Yes.’  A buyer walked through on that day and bought the property from them, giving them their first sale.  Very few homes sell on show day.


Significantly, their 2nd sale, barely a month later, came from that same buyer.  Saying ‘Yes’ to spending a Sunday afternoon on Show lead to 2 sales in this example.


How to Say ‘Yes’


Last week, I listened to public speaker and presentation guru Rich Mulholland.   He gave a great talk on how to seize more opportunities that lie in front of you.  He spoke about how you need to have a bias towards ‘Yes.’  Most people have a bias towards ‘No’ and use all sorts of excuses to justify why they don’t have time, or resources to take action.


It’s time to change this, so that you can break out of your current comfort zone.


Do this little experiment.  Only for a week.  Say ‘Yes’ to everything.


And then let me know what happens…….


Grant Gavin is an international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.







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