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Like you, property expert and highly respected Durban entrepreneur Grant Gavin wants to leave his mark on the world.

As an influential and respected leader in the largest residential real estate group in South Africa, and now sought after public speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, sales, leadership and personal development, Grant continues to inspire those around him to higher levels of success by consistently practicing his own principles of servant leadership, giving back to his community, always investing in personal development, and ensuring that the success of his company is dependent on his ability to influence and motivate the success of others.

Using his own personal experiences in business over the past 10 years, as well as his more recent "made for TV" real-life experiences, Grant will surprise you with his relaxed, down-to-earth, yet entirely believable speaking style, as he delivers his lessons on entrepreneurial success and development, that have resulted in him achieving the highest levels of success in his own industry.


Grant's current topics:


  • Lessons From A Traffic Light

In January 2016 Grant spent a day on the streets of Durban disguised as a street beggar. This experience was highly emotional for Grant, yet proved to be one of the most incredible learning experiences of his life.

Let Grant deliver this powerful keynote presentation to your business, team, school or Association and you will be left in awe as to how a simple lesson in empathy can lead you to discover exactly what it is that holds you back from breakthrough success in your own life.

A truly powerful message that will challenge your attitude towards giving, will question why you put up barriers and harbor insecurities in your own life and how this prevents you from becoming the best possible version of yourself.

This is a keynote like no other, because Grant delivers a message from a place that very few people have dared to go.


  • Approach Sales With the Mindset of an Entrepreneur

Leading a team of over 65 Sales people in the real estate industry for the past 11 years has taught Grant a few things about sales people.

All the best sales techniques account for nothing if you cannot find that inner desire to succeed at all costs.  Sadly, most sales people approach their sales business with the mindset of an employee, and Grant will unpack the steps required so that you can make that fundamental change in mindset to take your sales business to a new level of success in an easy, simple to understand presentation.

In this 60 minute presentation Grant will challenge your sales team to question why they are not producing the results they want, by going to the very source of their own inspiration so that they can break through the different stages of success, and in doing so earn more money as they move from survival, to stability and ultimately, success.


  • Create Your Own Tribe of Followers

Having worked under managers for some of the top international companies in the world, such as The Walt Disney Company, Sky News, and RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Grant's leadership style has been shaped by those leaders who have inspired him to achieve over the years.
Today, as a celebrated young leader in the RE/MAX network in South Africa, and as the Founder of the Durban Entrepreneurs Club, Grant delivers this powerful 60 minute presentation to leaders across all industries about how to get your team to follow you, through an inspired trust-based approach to leadership based on the concept of going to work on yourself first.

Grant will get you to assess your current style of leadership in a relaxed presentation that will get you thinking about whether you are truly invested in the personal success of every member of your team so that you can become the type of leader that you would want to work for.

Create your own tribe of passionate followers so that your teams' increased production will not only boost your bottom line, but in the process create a culture of success that promotes a win-win result for all.


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