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Grant credits his passion for property investment to the role his father played in promoting the idea of accumulating property investment as an effective means of accumulating wealth.  At a young age Grant was given a copy of Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad' book which would become the inspiration for his very first property investment.

In 2002 Grant bought a small 2 bed flat in Wimbledon, London, which he held for 12 years. In those 12 years the capital growth on this property, despite fluctuations in the property market over the years, allowed Grant to accumulate the equity to purchase his share in his current real estate business, as well as his home in Durban, South Africa.

Apart from his ownership in RE/MAX Panache, Grant is a director of 2 property investment companies.

One company concentrates on short term fix and flip opportunities in residential property, and the other company buys and holds commercial property for longer term gains.

In 2014 Grant developed property education workshops for buyers and sellers of residential property, to assist South African property owners and potential buyers by guiding them through the steps of purchasing or selling a property, as well as educating them on the value of growing a property portfolio.  His 'Lets Talk Real Estate' evenings were invaluable in assisting the public with developing their knowledge on property transactions and wealth generation through property.




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