Not Fulfilling Your Potential? Here’s 4 Steps to Getting Back on Track

 Your success is relevant only when measured against your potential.

It’s time to stop patting yourself on the back for making it through another week.  You don’t live to merely exist, and neither should you applaud your efforts of being able to hold your breath from Monday to Friday, only to let out a huge sigh of relief for making it to the weekend.  How are you living a life short of your true potential?

No matter how successful you may think you are right now, what are you comparing it against?  Your colleague at work?  Your neighbour?  Or your friends from school, none of whom have come near to fulfilling their own potential?


What if that friend is actually you?


Living a life of fulfilled potential should be the yardstick that you strive for.  Anything less is a waste of the talents you were given, and you need not be reminded that you only get one shot at this life.  You owe it to yourself and to those who look to you for inspiration to stand up and be accountable to the gifts you were given.


If you’re not achieving to your full potential, I am hoping that this blog post is exactly the tonic you need to kick start a new chapter in your life.  It’s going to require some honesty from your part though, as nobody really wants to admit that they are falling short.

It’s time to stop comparing your success to anything other than your own true potential.  You’re going to surprise yourself too, by following these 4 simple steps:


4 Steps to Fulfilling your Potential:


  1. Take Time Out:


The best way to take stock of where you are in your life right now, and to assess exactly where you are falling short of your own potential, is to step outside of your crazy life.  Slow down, and take some time out to be alone.  It’s very difficult to see things for what they really are, when you are running a million miles an hour with work, deadlines, family, friends and life in general.

It’s so important to break this routine by giving yourself some time out so that you can establish:


  • What is important to you?  For a moment, forget your dependents, friends and family, and focus on yourself.
  • What would define a successful life for you?  Be honest with your own vision for a life fulfilled.
  • What Goals did you once set that you have given up on?  Are they still important to you?
  • Establish some new Goals that will push you to achieve new found success.
  • Understand the activities required to achieve these goals
  • Work out exactly how to plan your time in order to fit these activities into your day
  • Eliminate the time wasting activities that are preventing you from achieving your potential


If something is truly important to you, you will find a way to achieve it, otherwise you will simply find an excuse.  This is why this first step in fulfilling your potential is so crucial in terms of setting up this next phase of your life.


2. Commit to Growth as a Beginner.


‘Shoshin’ is a concept used by the Zen Buddhists that literally means “Beginners Mind,”  and refers to the concept of letting go of all your preconceptions so that you can learn with an attitude of openness.  When you are a true beginner you are willing and open to trying new ideas and concepts , almost like a child learning something for the first time.

As you develop knowledge and expertise you can easily fall into the trap of thinking that you already know the information presented to you, and your mind naturally becomes more closed to new concepts and thoughts.

One way to adopt this powerful concept is to stop thinking that you always need to be the one to add value to others, and rather, be the one who sits back and listens, with the intention to learn.  Ask more questions of everyone, especially your clients and the rookies in your industry, and assume that you know nothing in order to uncover that 5% that could assist you in fulfilling your own potential.


In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.

– Shunryo Suzuki


3. Trust the Process


There is no such thing as instant success or instant gratification.  All success is built in the longer term based on the activities that are performed consistently in the short term.

It’s so easy to give up and go back to your life of holding your breath to get through the week.  The sad reality of this is that you only ever really get to enjoy 2 days in a rotation of 7.  That’s no way to live your life, or fulfill your potential.

Human Beings do, for the most part, lack resilience and willpower, and as such, most people give up too easily on their dreams, goals, and potential because it just seems like too much hard work.  Don’t give up on yourself.  Trust the process and believe that those goals entirely are achievable, because they absolutely are.

Everything you need in order to be successful, you already have.  Trust the process.


4. Immersion


Committing to action is different to immersing yourself.  You can commit to learning a new language by reading a few books, or you can immerse yourself into the process by going to live in that country for a few months, so that you can understand the nuances, the people, the traditions and the lingo.  Do you see the difference?

Immersing yourself into the type of lifestyle required to fulfill your potential will require the following from you:


  • Be Participative – Don’t sit on the fence and watch from the sidelines.  Immerse yourself into your work space pro-actively to ensure that you leave nothing on the table in terms of effort.  Don’t just attend training sessions, meetings and networking events,  participate in them.  Be active.  Get involved.   Bring your energy to everything you do.
  • Be Present – Switch off from all possible distractions and be in the moment.  Leave personal issues at the door when you arrive at work, and commit your focus and attention towards the task or activity at hand.
  • Be Passionate – Don’t do anything unless you really want to.  It’s your passion that will be a significant factor in you assisting you with fulfilling your potential.   People who are passionate about what they do put every bit of themselves into their work, and it shows


It’s time to stop living a life of unfulfilled potential.  Take time out to assess where you are going and whether you believe you are on track, and remember to assess your success only against your potential.  If you are the most successful person in your office, but only achieving at 75% of your potential, then perhaps its time to go to a new level.


 Grant Gavin is an international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.

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