Just Press On…

Just Press On.  3 Words that you need to add to your mental vocabulary today.  3 Words that I have heard a lot over the last few days.  3 Words that are essential to reminding yourself that chaos is going to happen around you whether you like it or not.  Just press on.


Chaos Happens All Around You


I landed in Toronto, Canada for the first time in my life this past week.  I’ve been looking forward to this trip for a long time, as it’s one of the countries I have never had the opportunity to visit.  It also seemed like the perfect time of the year too – early spring.  Mother nature, however, disagreed.


Enter the freakish Spring Ice Storm.  Historic weather conditions that brought with it frozen rain, icy roads, freezing winds and of course catastrophic travel chaos.  So what do you do?  Well, you’ve got 2 choices – you either hide from the weather inside your hotel room (or in the pub), or alternatively, you just press on.


These were the 3 wise words of my most gracious Canadian hosts, who reminded me so many times during my stay that in Canada, these bizarre weather conditions are a fact of life.  It’s up to you to decide whether or not you let it affect your life.  You can stay indoors, or you can get on with your life.  With that attitude, we did it everything we had planned.  Apart from going up the CN Tower (the visibility was zero) we braved it all.  Visiting the amazingly spectacular Niagara Falls with freezing winds, and driving up to the Kawartha Lakes area in terribly icy road conditions provided for a truly memorable few days.


Just Press On In Your Own Life


How valuable is this advice for your own life?  There are so many external factors in your life that you just have zero control over.  All you have are your own choices, and how you choose to react.


Maybe you had really crappy parents who brought you into this world and abandoned you?  Just press On.  Perhaps you’re that person who was once betrayed by somebody that you trusted?  Just press on.  You might have been born into a poor family and didn’t have the opportunities afforded to others.  Just press on.


Most of the time, you simply have no other choice.  Just press on.  You cannot afford to fall into the trap of allowing these circumstances to become the excuses that hold you back from achieving the life you want for yourself.


Start By Leading Yourself


Too often in life you get caught up in the stuff that you cannot control.  These external factors influence your environment and have an impact on what you do on a daily basis.  Just like the weather can affect your plans, so too can the actions of a corrupt government leader affect the economy within which you run a business, or the actions of a parent can influence your upbringing.  Its important to accept that whilst you have no control over these external forces, you can choose to lead yourself through the chaos.


Understand what you can control, and learn to accept the situation for what it is.  You have no other choice than to accept what is.  Its difficult, especially when you are caught in the middle of a testing situation, but spending time trying to justify how and why you got into the situation in the first place solves nothing, and does you no good.  Just press on.


‘We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them.”  Kahlil Gibran


All you have are your choices.  Good business men and women make good choices.  Good leaders make good choices.  You too can make good choices by focusing on that which you can control.   The faster you can get to that point of perspective of understanding what you can and cannot control, the faster you will begin to start leading yourself effectively.  Good leaders make good decisions.


Lose the Ego


It might seem a little too simple to be true.  Sadly, its not simple, and the main reason its not that simple is because you and I need to learn to lose our egos.  You and I have egos.  It’s not simply a case of being arrogant or over-confident either.  Envy, entitlement, comparison, impatience, seeking validation, and holding on to past success and failures are all related to your ego.

So how do you begin to lose your ego so that you can just press on?  The most powerful tool is to begin practicing forgiveness and gratitude.


Forgiveness will help you to accept, let go and press on.  Forgiveness will also open you up to seeing new opportunities as you remove negativity and allow room for happiness into your life.  Forgive that person who pissed you off in 1985.  Forgive the business partner who screwed you over last year.  It’s time to press on.


Gratitude puts you in the position to accept and be truly happy with what you already have.  You’re already way better off than you realize, and its important to remind yourself of that continually.  Grateful people are happy people, so take the steps to ensure that you adopt this attitude of gratitude into your daily routine.  Make a list of everything you have in your life that you are grateful for, and review and update it daily.


Standing in the snow this morning in -10 degree temperatures,  I couldn’t have been happier.  Life was happening all around me, and amidst external (environmental) conditions that I am just not ordinarily prepared to deal with, I knew I had no option but to ‘just press on.’  All I needed was the right equipment – a good attitude, an acceptance for where I was and what I couldn’t control, and of course, a borrowed pair of snow shoes and a really warm snow jacket.

Equip yourself so that you can take complete control of your life.  And just press on.


Grant Gavin is an international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, www.grantgavin.com and make contact.

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