How’s Your Half-Year Report Card?

Whether you’re a business owner, employee, or student, it’s important to assess the half-year that has just passed so that you can adjust where you need to, and ensure that 2018 finishes strongly.


How is your half-year report card looking?


Regardless of whether or not you’re in business for yourself, you are largely responsible for not only setting your goals for the year, but also ensuring that you take some time out to assess whether or not you’re on track.

With 1 week to go until the half-way mark for 2018, now is a great time to take stock.

Typically, you’ll have one of three reactions right now:

1. Yes, I am on track to achieve or exceed my 2018 goals.
2. No, I am falling short on my 2018 goals.
3. 2018 goals?  What are those?


Which one are you?


There is no bad news at this point.

The good news is that it actually doesn’t matter which response you gave.  2018 remains an incomplete story, and whatever has happened is now out of your control.

What you can control from this point forward is how you go about constructing the 2nd half of your year by taking action right now in one of these 3 ways:


1. You’re on track / Over-achieving on your goals?


Build on the momentum that you have achieved and don’t take your foot off the gas.  Understand what has been working well, and double up on your actions and activities.   You can also take this opportunity to introduce 1 new idea or concept that you can add to your value proposition for your clients.


Momentum is the most wonderful force in business. 

Don’t lose it because it takes time to rebuild it once lost.  


2. You’re Behind on Your Goal?


Avoid the temptation to look at the market, politics, sentiment, or any other environmental factor – because other people around you are achieving their goals.  There is no secret formula for success – understand what your income producing activities are, and make them happen.  Do them Daily.  Do them Consistently.  Double up on these activities over the next month to build the momentum you need so that your second half-year is powerful.

Ask yourself, “What is the one thing I am avoiding that I know is crucial to my success in 2018?”  You will already know what that is.  Take action.


3. You don’t Have a Goal?


Set one now.   It’s never too late to push the reset button.  Your 2018 is not over yet, so pull yourself together and focus.  If you struggle with setting a number to work towards, then focus on an activity goal linked to an income producing activity.  Calls, appointments, emails, whatever that may be for you.  There is no point in aiming for a 6 month income goal if you can’t focus on the activities anyway.  Bring your focus in towards those micro-activities that you need to be doing on a daily basis.


You are in Control


I’ve seen some incredible 6 month bursts over the past few years, from focused entrepreneurs and sales people who have been able to turn their year around.  Don’t focus on what has gone, but rather focus on what is to come.    You have another half-year in front of you to make 2018 a success.

You are always in control.


Grant Gavin is an international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.

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