How Can I Help You Mr Client?

How Can I help you?


5 Simple words that can assist you in shifting your focus as a business person to ensure that your clients’ experience far greater satisfaction when dealing with you in their transactions.

Making this shift will not only assist you in experiencing more rewarding, fulfilling transactions, but will ensure a more enhanced cycle of repeat and referral business.



Begin by always expecting good things to happen.
–Tom Hopkins


Think of the most fulfilling, rewarding business transaction that you have ever concluded in your business career.


The Most Rewarding Deals.


You know the one I am talking about….


Your client is suddenly your best friend, and can’t stop talking about the outstanding service you provided them in ensuring that their needs were met in a professional manner.   They are posting pics of you on social media, and writing glowing testimonials about you, and as a result, you are beaming with pride but also wondering deep down inside if these clients are acting a little over the top!


Well, they’re not.


You see most average salespeople largely have their own self interests at heart.  It’s only the truly great salespeople who actually give of themselves in such a way that their clients end up becoming raving fans.  Most consumers who deal with salespeople do not experience this type of service, and so when they do, they want to tell everybody about their amazing experience.

Those are the best deals.  The ones where your clients truly appreciate everything that you did for them.  Yes, money, commission and profit are important, but they won’t drive your fulfillment at a deeper level.

If you had to begin each and every transaction with the expectation that good things would happen, then this is what it would look like.


So how do you ensure that this expectation comes to fruition more often than not?


What is the mental shift that outstanding salespeople use as their mantra for success?

Everything they do starts with this question:


How can I help you?


Sales is never about the salesperson, always the client.


Those deals that you would regard as your most fulfilling, are not the most rewarding deals for you because everything went so smoothly and your clients gave you amazing feedback.


They are the most fulfilling deals for you because you gave so much of yourself towards assisting your clients, and they truly felt and experienced your care and professionalism.


People can feel your energy.  People can feel your effort and they know when you’re faking ‘good service,’ just as much as they can feel when you are desperate to close the deal for your own interests.

The good news is that you can achieve this kind of experience on each and every transaction if, from the outset, you do whatever you can to help your client.


At the outset of every problem, every challenge, or every obstacle, the focus from you should be….


 So,… How Can I Help You?


Not 75% or 80%, but a complete 100% focus on how you can help your client attain that which is in their best interest.  This is how you give first in business.  Give without expectation of reward.  Give because you want to help them solve their problems.

If you help your client and don’t manage to close the sale, it’s ok.  What you will receive in return is far greater – and it’s something we all crave in business – a great relationship with longer-term potential.

When you can achieve this, and regardless of whether or not you actually receive feedback from your clients for your efforts, you will benefit from the most rewarding feeling of self-fulfillment.  You will know that you gave everything that you have to assist your client.


You did your job.


Have an amazing week.


Grant Gavin is an international speaker and award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.


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