3 Steps to Become a Better Marketer

I’m writing this week from the beautiful city of Cape Town.  This city really is a dream for a marketer and apart from the obvious water crisis right now, the city has everything you would need in order to attract tourists.


You are a marketer


As an entrepreneur, you’re first and foremost a marketer.  You probably don’t consider yourself as one, but in terms of who you are in relation to the success of your business, you’re a marketer.   Your employees need to see you as such with regards to how you sell your vision for your business, and your customers need to see you as a champion for your brand.  Furthermore, your business needs a constant flow of new leads to ensure continued success.

How would you rate yourself as a marketer?  What differentiates you from your competitors?

If your marketing tools consist of putting up a word press website, updating your Facebook Business page once a week, and listing your business on an online classifieds site, then you might not be doing enough to generate leads.


Here’s 3 Ideas / Steps that could assist you in becoming a better marketer: 


1.  The Mindset of a Marketer.    Your job is to attract attention, and in order to attract attention, you need to be prepared to stand out.  Differentiate yourself from the rest.  Most people do exactly the same as their competitors and colleagues – they conform to the norm for fear of being head and shoulders above the rest.   If you’re authentic in how you position yourself , your brand and your product, you don’t ever need to fear standing out.  Be a marketer.


2. Know where their eyes are.  Find out where your market is.  Where are your customers looking?  Know what platforms your customers use – and place yourself slap-bang in the middle of that space.  Consumer behaviours and habits change with each generation, especially with the pace that new technology is being introduced to the market.  Make sure that your content is being marketed in the channels where your buyers are looking.


3. Work Multiple Channels.  If you go fishing in a massive lake with one fishing rod, you might catch a fish on a good day.  Place 6-7 fishing lines into the same lake and you’d probably get a much better result over time.   When one line goes quiet, another gets busy, and in doing so you’re giving yourself more chances of success.  How many lead sources do you have for your business right now?  It might be time to add a few more.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a real estate agent, insurance salesperson, car salesperson, lawyer, doctor or accountant, you have to become a better marketer.  Your business depends on it.

Have a great week!


Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, www.grantgavin.com and make contact.

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