Don’t Miss Your Signals

We miss signals all the time, in our business, and in our personal lives.  Sometimes we choose to ignore the obvious, whilst at other times we are too busy with other ‘stuff’ to notice.

As you know, Cape Town is facing a significant crisis in its water suppl right now.  As it stands, a date has been set for April 2018 when the taps are expected to run dry.  If you stop to consider the implications ranging from personal hygiene, to loss of business, tourism, etc etc, a complete shut off of a city’s water supply is the loss of a basic human need.

I saw an article on Social Media this weekend that shows a cut-out of a Cape Times newspaper article predicting that Cape Town would run out of water in 17 years.  The article was written in 1990.

The fact that the newspaper article was off on its prediction by 10 years is irrelevant.  The signs were obviously there as far back as 1990 that a crisis was looming.  One wonders what could have been done to avoid such a scenario playing out.

Quite often, you see signals in your own life, or your own business, but you fail to take action.  There are signs that you simply ignore, and one day, when its too late, you react in panic, and regret your procrastination.  Sound familiar?

What is that one important signal that is flashing in front of you right now?

You know what I’m talking about, ….that one signal that you have been ignoring for some time now.

It will be something that you are either waiting for the right time to take action on, or perhaps even something that you’re avoiding in the hope that you wont need to take action because its a little outside your comfort zone.

Don’t wait.  Be aware of the signals in your business and take action today.  If you’re short of leads in your business, prospect more.  If you’re not spending enough time with loved ones, prioritize time with them.   Stuck in a rut?  Get a coach.  Feeling unfit? Start exercising.  Stop procrastinating.

Cape Town may very well run dry of water, and lets hope nobody is able to look back and say, we should have taken action sooner.

Same with you.  Take charge.


Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.

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