Consistency is Key

For those who battle to grasp the context of building for the future, its always good to remind yourself that so much of what you do is part of a process.  Consistency is key.

Instant gratification will kill your dreams.

Why?  If you expect instant results from your activities and don’t receive them, then you are going to quit too soon.  I see this so often when coaching sales people.

All relationship-building and branding building activities need to be performed with consistency over the longer term.  You can never expect massive results from your first Facebook post, your second mail drop in a suburb, or the 2nd week of your latest brand advertising campaign.

So here’s a tip:

Don’t expect immediate results, but assume instant impact.

What do I mean?  People notice so much.  They might not react to your activities, but believe me, they do notice.

If you receive zero calls off your mail flyer, it doesn’t mean that nobody read it.  In the same vein, if you get zero ‘Likes’ on your latest Facebook post, it doesn’t mean that nobody saw it.  Keep up with your consistency and the reward will follow.

Consistency is key

Your consistency in effort will pay off in the longer term, and you will start to realise this when people begin telling you how they ‘seem to be seeing you everywhere,’ or they comment that ‘you’re doing so well now.’

Don’t focus your attention on the immediate results.  Brand building in particular is an ongoing process that gains momentum with consistency.  Make sure that you are placing your campaigns where your consumers are looking, and be confident that people are watching and observing.

The pics below are a great example.  Like most of you, I send out personal notes fairly regularly.  Quite often, I don’t receive a response.  On Friday I had to pop into our local printers, and there on the wall was the note I sent them – well over a year ago – to thank them for their support at our annual fund-raising event.

It reaffirms my point:

Don’t expect immediate results, but assume instant impact.




Grant Gavin is an award-winning entrepreneur, who coaches sales people to become better versions of themselves.  For more info visit his website, and make contact.

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