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Trust and Warmth First

Here’s a lesson I learned about how establishing trust and warmth first, goes a long way towards positioning you for closing new business leads.   Beer for Breakfast?   I was on an early flight this morning, on route to our National RE/MAX Convention at Sun City.  Sunday mornings are supposed to be for sleeping…

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3 Steps to Become a Better Marketer

I’m writing this week from the beautiful city of Cape Town.  This city really is a dream for a marketer and apart from the obvious water crisis right now, the city has everything you would need in order to attract tourists.   You are a marketer   As an entrepreneur, you’re first and foremost a…

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Want More Headlines in Your Week?

There’s a cool US based website called – its a snapshot of major news highlights of the week.  Seven days is a long time in a news cycle, especially here at home in South Africa. What Was Your Headline Last Week? Closer to home – your home – what were your highlights over your…

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