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Don’t Miss Your Signals

We miss signals all the time, in our business, and in our personal lives.  Sometimes we choose to ignore the obvious, whilst at other times we are too busy with other ‘stuff’ to notice. As you know, Cape Town is facing a significant crisis in its water suppl right now.  As it stands, a date…

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Consistency is Key

For those who battle to grasp the context of building for the future, its always good to remind yourself that so much of what you do is part of a process.  Consistency is key. Instant gratification will kill your dreams. Why?  If you expect instant results from your activities and don’t receive them, then you…

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5 Tips to Build Momentum early in 2018

If you’re back in the office and are feeling a little jaded or undecided as to where to start, here are 5 tips for your 1st week back so that you can build up your momentum quickly in 2018:   1.  Pick up the Phone: Most of your database will be getting back to work this…

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