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The Year that was 2015

I’ve been asked a few times to comment in the media about what my thoughts were on the 2015 year, and what I might expect for 2016.  I always like to add a little bit of perspective first though because quite often we hear economists and property professionals commenting on a national outlook, or even…

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Managing Fear by Taking Action

“You’re doing what? ……. Are you completely crazy?” How many entrepreneurs have heard these EXACT words when sharing a new business venture with a friend or relative?  Even with the clearest vision, strongest purpose, or most incredible faith in your idea or concept, hearing these words from people who’s opinions you trust, has a way of…

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You've always had a Coach

If I had a R100 note for every time somebody asked me “Why do you have a business coach?” I’d be on my way to a small fortune by now.  Whilst the concept of business coaching is still fairly foreign to most South African entrepreneurs, the underlying idea of having a mentor or coach assisting…

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