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Award Winning Entrepreneur & International Speaker Grant Gavin will inspire you and your team by challenging your existing thought processes so that you can unlock your true potential in business and in life.

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International Speaker

Using his own experiences in business and in life, Grant will challenge how you view your own success and inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself.  See what business leaders have to say about Grant on the Testimonials tab in the 'About Grant' section.


Experienced Business Coach

An award-winning entrepreneur, Grant's real passion is inspiring others to achieve their own success.  On a selective basis, Grant offers personalised coaching to entrepreneurs utilising the skills and coaching techniques that have assisted him with building his own businesses over the past 15 years.


"It was my pleasure to listen to Grant Gavin speak to a group of over 100 real estate industry business owners during my last visit to South Africa. Grant has built an incredible business for over ten years and he is a highly respected business person, speaker and motivator.  I was moved by Grant’s presentation, and I used some of what he shared in my own presentation later in the day. Grant made me and all attendees think about how we can improve and achieve more success. He gave practical examples and inspired us all.  I highly recommend Grant Gavin as a speaker for your organization or for your event."

- Larry Oberly, Vice President Global Development
RE/MAX, LLC World Headquarters

"I can recommend Grant Gavin as a top quality speaker. I have attended several of his talks and I have found him to be highly professional, warm and likeable. He is authentic and credible and he walks the talk, having achieved business success in his own right. He has a way of engaging the audience and his style is professional and highly enjoyable."

- Cindy Norcott, Owner: Pro Appointments
Chairperson/Founder: Robin Hood Foundation

"Grant Gavin has always made me sit up when he speaks, his ability to relate his experiences to ALL is a skill, natural skill for Grant although his humble personality always is reserved when congratulated. If you get a chance to hear him speak then take it, you will not be disappointed."

Andy Keast, Entrepreneur & Professional Rugby Coach

"Since leaving the corporate world and taking over the family real estate business, Grant has grown his office group into one of the most successful RE/MAX franchises in Southern Africa and a sought after destination for top producers. Highly respected by his peers and colleagues nationwide, he was recently awarded the highly coveted Broker/Owner of the Year in the RE/MAX Group."

- Adrian Goslett, Regional Director & CEO
RE/MAX of Southern Africa

"Grant is a dynamic force in the South African real estate industry. He has a progressive approach towards his business, embracing unconventional solutions and working hard to extract additional value. Grant embodies the new generation of Agency heads, one with a keen focus on the details and an understanding of how best to facilitate the work of his agents."

- Simon Bray, CEO Private Property

“Thoroughly enjoyed Grant Gavin’s presentation today. I took so many practical ‘nuggets’ of value away that I am already implementing in my business. No doubt Grant is going to be a huge success – he certainly inspired all of those in the room today!”

- Paul Jason, Chairman, Entrepreneurs Organisation (EO) : Durban 




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Empowerment: The 6 Steps to Self Empowerment

The word empowerment is used a lot these days, and quite often in different contexts.  Women Empowerment, Youth Empowerment, Black Economic Empowerment etc etc. Essentially, ‘Empowerment’ is based on the idea that if you give another person the skills, resources, authority, opportunity and motivation, as well as hold them responsible and accountable for the outcomes…

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Nobody Wins at the Durban July. Here’s why…

‘Nobody wins at the Durban July.’  I heard it so many times yesterday, but I was convinced that I would have nothing of it.  Surely I’d win on at least one race. But no, despite hearing the warnings from professional punters and regular horse racing fundi’s that Durban July day is such a difficult day to…

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